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  **Your Project Name & Idea:**
  **Skills needed:**


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Your Name: keepthebyte

Your Project Name & Idea: Poll Service: allows users to easily mash-up 3rd party content and build a poll e.g. vote on 4 Flickr pictures, YouTube movies, ... use case: you made 3 flavors of photo editing/cropping - you quickly like to know from your friends which is the best. Voting engine and editor use OpenID identification - Voting UI only exists as badge to mash-up into existing user-steams. Results delivery via Atom feed. Pitch: Sick of text-only polls?

Skills needed: Ruby on Rails, REST, AJAX, OpenID

Your Name: ChrisP

Your Project Name & Idea: UbiID: Kind of high level crazy idea from me is to create a concept for a truly single identity you can use offline and online. There's not much around yet, just a few ideas, but imagine this: you have millions of online accounts (site centric), one way to solve this is OpenID. But what about the offline world? What about your bank account? What about your identity at the authorities? Why can't I login to my bank account with a user centric secure authorization system and use the same for sending in my taxes or pay in the supermarket, subscribe my newest mobile phone contract and manage all electronically? I know it sounds insane but hey, I'm trying to figure out what it would take to realize such a thing.

Skills needed: Business sense, logical thinking, associative thinking, security knowledge.

Your Name: ChrisP (idea 2)

Your Project Name & Idea: Universal Gate: A kind of side project I'm on is figuring out what might be a good stand-alone architecture to provide central web services for a copmany. As I'm working for an internet company, customers always have the same demands. That's where I take the business case from: Many customers want news functionality on their site. Or an org chart generator in their intranet. Now, one customer uses CMS X, another CMS Y, or a portal from IBM or SAP. I would like to have a separate architecture a customer can install that provides all services, instead of implementing them into ALL customer systems from scratch. And I'm trying to figure out what the best foundation for such a thing could be.

Skills needed: PHP? Java? Ruby?

Your Name: Masi - www.nexard.net/masi

Your Project Name & Idea: nexard: www.nexard.net is an electronic business card. You give to a person a simple URL like www.nexard.net/yourname and this person will always have an up-to-date business card of you. You allow who can see this page and you can select different information for different persons (e.g. you want to show your private mobile number to your friends but not to your business contacts). Therefore, you can publish your nexard address wherever you want without ever getting spam emails - even if you put it on a webpage. The basis is already implemented, but it is strongly recommended to have plugins or interfaces for address books like Outlook or Thunderbird. There is also a lot of other work to.

Skills needed: PHP, mySQL, vCard or other export formats, plugins

Your Name: Masi - www.nexard.net/masi

Your Project Name & Idea: smsboard: www.smsboard.ch is a small software that grabs SMS messages from a ordinary mobile phone using the IR port. The software allows to store the message, publish it directly online or to show it on a projector. Example applications are parties where everyone can send a message to a big screen or SMS polls. No special contracts with a telephne company or any special devices are needed - just a mobile phone and a laptop. The current implementation is pretty old and only supports infrared. The goal is to make it able to use bluetooth too.

Skills needed: Java, mobile phones

Your Name: Suls

Your Project Name & Idea: HattrickIRC: HattrickIRC is a bot for IRC channels. You can follow games from the popular online game Hattrick.org live in a channel. It was mainly developed in 2005 and could need some refreshments ;) ideas: easier configuration, extensions (plugins)

Skills needed: Java, maybe scripting languages for extensions

Your Name: Maira Carvalho

Your Project Name & Idea: The project is not mine, actually. I would like to try to update Drupal modules from 4.7.x to 5.x, namely the Webcam module and maybe the Taxonomy Menu. Also discuss ideias about modules and improvements for Drupal would be very nice =)

Skills needed: PHP/MySQL



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