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Shirts can be reordered from Firas from q-media.ch. Refer to SHDF and Matthias.


Early announcement: SuperHappyDevFlat >10< will take place in Basel, Switzerland in late spring.


Log of SuperHappyDevFlat >01<

It was on February, 23rd, 2007, 6pm ~ 10am in Zurich, Switzerland.



Pictures on Flickr

Movies: Julio Perez aerobic, Luzius' fatiguesness

IRC: irc.freenode.net #shdf


What is SuperHappyDevFlat


SuperHappyDevFlat is an informal event where enthusiasts work on, talk about and think about little silly tech-projects; combined with amazingly cool party time. Come to the DevFlat to have fun and get things done!


We want to spread the word of SuperHappyDevHouse, Homebrew Computer Club and demoscene to incubate many interesting software and technology things here in Switzerland!


Think about a silly project idea, bring it to the event and start hacking on it. Other geeks will be around and will help you, for sure.


This is a non-marketing, non-conference, social event!


Event Details


The event starts on Friday, February, 23rd, 2007 at 6pm. It is located at Hallwylstrasse 30, 8004 Zurich (Plazes) (Google maps) on the 4th floor (use bell "C'est ici!"). There are no beds available, but if you are really tired at 4am, there is a cosy attic (not warm, thou). The event will end at Saturday, 10am, the latest.


Available Equipment


Chairs (~20 persons), WLAN, tables, LAN, sofas, power, rest rooms, beer, kitchen, coffee, balcony, snacks, music, winter-BBQ


Donations are welcome: to provide more food and beverages. Contact Matthias.


Stuff Provided by YOU


More participants, mini-presentations, power strips, ethernet cables, folding chairs (if there are more than 20 persons), ideas, notebook, elevator pitches


What YOU have to do





See list on Upcoming.org


termie - ah man, i really wish i could but you're right next to fosdem and no way i can get between zurich and brussels quick enough


Special guests


TBA (any suggestions?)


Preliminary Program

(Suggestions are welcome)


  • 18:00 introductions, welcome drinks on the roof top
  • 20:00 bruscetta, pasta
  • 22:00 mini-presentations in the attic (5 min each). Schedule: MiniPresentationSlots
  • 22:50 drinks and mingling
  • 02:00 go to bed or party time
  • 10:00 shutting down wireless lan, power and light (it's over, man)




Matthias Sala


Supporting Staff


  • anNa(thanks for the great shirt-design)
  • C├ędric (thanks for the online poster)
  • hopefully, your name will be posted here, as well!


Sister Events

SuperHappyDevHouse (Mother Event)




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